Development Team


If you use PynPoint in your publication then please cite Stolker et al. (2019). Please also cite Amara & Quanz (2012) as the origin of PynPoint, which focused initially on the use of principal component analysis (PCA) as a PSF subtraction method. In case you use specifically the PCA-based background subtraction module or the wavelet based speckle suppression module, please give credit to Hunziker et al. (2018) or Bonse, Quanz & Amara (2018), respectively.


We would like to thank several people who provided contributions and helped testing the package before its release:

  • Anna Boehle (ETH Zurich)
  • Alexander Bohn (Leiden University)
  • Gabriele Cugno (ETH Zurich)
  • Silvan Hunziker (ETH Zurich)

The PynPoint logo was designed by Atlas Infographics and is available for use in presentations.