Python Guidelines

Getting Started

The modular architecture of PynPoint allows for easy implementation of new pipeline modules and we welcome contributions from users. Before writing a new PynPoint module, it is helpful to have a look at the Architecture section. In addition, some basic knowledge on Python is required and some understanding on the following items can be helpful:

There are three different types of pipeline modules: ReadingModule, WritingModule, and ProcessingModule. The concept is similar for the three types of modules so here we will explain only how to code a processing module.


Before we start writing a new PynPoint module, please take notice of the following style conventions:

  • PEP 8 – style guide for Python code
  • We recommend using pylint and pycodestyle to analyze newly written code in order to keep PynPoint well structured, readable, and documented.
  • Names of class member should start with m_.
  • Images should ideally not be read from and written to the central database at once but in amounts of MEMORY.

Now we are ready to code!